’96-’02 4Runner ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit


(128 customer reviews)
  • Our new ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit for 3rd Gen (’96-’02) 4Runners eliminates the prop rod and makes your engine compartment free and clear of obstacles.
  • One-handed hood opening and closing – the struts lift the hood smoothly to its fully open position, and allow it to close and latch securely without slamming.
  • High-Lift capability allows you to increase the open hood height by up to 8 inches above the stock prop rod height, for better lighting and access to all your engine projects. Choose the desired height during installation, and the hood will open to that position every time.
  • Complete kit with premium OEM-quality components includes two enameled gloss black high-lift hood struts, heavy gauge gloss black powder coated brackets, all required installation hardware, and illustrated step-by-step installation instructions. Even a drill bit stopper is included to make drilling safer.
  • Easy installation in under 30 minutes.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 100% Made in USA.
  • Designed and tested to work with all stock 3rd Gen (’96-’02) 4Runners.  4-cyl models may require moving the cruise control module by about 1″ to clear the struts.
  • Contact us if you have non-stock additions or alterations under the hood along the inner fenders. We’ve worked with customers to accommodate many unusual situations.

128 reviews for ’96-’02 4Runner ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit

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  1. Robert Smith

    Easy to install. Works great.

  2. Tim

    Love this company. accidentally lost a piece of the kit and they kindly sent out a new one. great quality too

  3. Edwin Soto

    Wish I had purchased sooner. Struts were very easy to install. Instructions were super clear and easy to follow. Now it is super easy to check oil and fluids and any repairs needed.


  5. Mitchell Moreland

    These things are so cool

  6. Alex A.

    Great product and very easy to install.

  7. Devin T.

    Easy to install, very happy with the product.

  8. Craig V.

    I love it. Pretty freaking awesome. Easy install and works great! I went with a 7” raise above hood prop, and it gives amazing working room.

  9. James Adams

  10. Carl L Meadows III

    Great product, easy install. If you have a 3rd Gen 4runner you need this.

  11. Mike Evans

    Just installed this upgrade on my 02 Limited 4Runner. As a 23yr professional automotive mechanic, this is an awesome product and a must have. Easy install and the directions were very detailed and easy to follow.

  12. Anonymous

    Love it. Detail instructions were very helpful. Now I open my 4Runner hood just for fun of it.

  13. Kevin Kopkie

    Like how easy it was to install and how much it raised my hood

  14. Vince Di Vetta

    This was easy to install and works awesome, thank you for the great product!

  15. Scott Holmes

    Took me about 30 minutes to install these and they work amazing. I love these and the instructions are super helpful and detailed

  16. tanner

    worked as expected, easy install, love the extra room

  17. Lance B.

    Wicked instructions and parts. They make it too easy. The hood struts are way stronger than the ones for my hatch 🙂

  18. Ting H.

    Easy installation . Great product.

  19. Mark C.

    Terrific product! Simple, straight forward installation. 11/10. Thanks Spiker Engineering!

  20. Ken N.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy upgrade and even faster gratification/satisfaction, then this is the product for you. It’s so well designed and engineered, and installation was no more than 15 minutes, and that’s because I took time to read the instructions (which were great).
    The cost is very reasonable, and it’s so worth it when you pop the hood, lift it a few inches and watch the struts take over. Can’t speak highly enough of the product and the folks at Spiker Engineering!

  21. EVAN A.

    So good. Even shipped to Canada.

  22. Kristian

    Great Product, Great directions, Great quality,

  23. Brennan B.

    Excellent product with very detailed instructions and a very quick and easy install! Cheap mod that really changes the look and ease of access to the engine compartment.

  24. NATHAN

    It is a fair price for what you get. Good quality parts. And good directions. Very happy.

  25. Derek I.

    Clear easy to follow instructions. Great product. Thank you

  26. Gavin Melo

    Amazing quality and fast shipping. Thank you!

  27. Spencer Clay

    Great product! Super easy install with simple tools. Very informational instructional manual and great videos of install provided in website. I would recommend 10/10

  28. Brian G.

    These are a must have! Awesome product and engineering. Perfect fit. Thanks!

  29. Glen

    Easy to install and looks great

  30. Stephen J.

    Quality through and through and super easy to install! I can’t believe I waited this long before making the purchase. I’ve done many mods to my 3rd Gen 4Runner and these struts are easily the one I should have done first!

  31. Robert

  32. Martin

    Whit the added space on the hood it makes working on the engine so much easier

  33. tim

    Great product!!!

  34. Nathan S.

    Get them! It’s a quick and easy mod for your rig that makes engine work 1000x easier. It’s especially helpful when you’re tall and couldn’t stand hitting your head on the hood like I used to. Also, don’t feel like hood struts are only for fully built rigs. Putting these on was one of my first mods to help with maintenance, and I’d probably do it sooner if I had known about them sooner.

  35. Michael Conner

    Cool mod, easy to install and very handy

  36. Garland McCarthy

    Great product, super easy to install, fantastic results!

  37. Joe F.

    Game changer! Between you and me, I open my hood now for no damn reason except to watch it open. I can’t believe how long I went without having hood struts. Spiker did an amazing job creating this set-up. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this kit. You’re a damn fool if you don’t do this for yourself. Order these now!!!…. seriously you will thank yourself and spiker later.

  38. Bob Crafton

    Just installed this same set on my 2000 SR5 and I LOVE it. Just like your videos show, my hood now pops open with ease and it closes perfectly as well (had to slightly move some aftermarket fuses for my sub and amp). I am very impressed with the quality of your product, and the directions (in glossy color no less) and how well this kit is put together. The extra room to work in the engine compartment is great and I now won’t keep bumping my head into the side of the hood when digging around under there. Very happy with this purchase so I wanted to give a good review as a happy customer. ???

  39. Susan

    Quality parts, and my husband is thrilled with his gift. Spiker Engineering was quick to answer questions and pleasant to deal with. Will be happy to purchase from them again in the future. Thank you!!

  40. Jerrad B.

    Instructions were perfect, very concise. All materials appear to be of quality construction. Installation was straightforward. I would absolutely recommend this kit to a friend.

  41. Daniel C.

    These hood struts are simply amazing! to say the least. I received them extremely fast and they work like a charm! Instructions that came with the product is spot on! 5***** Install is simple, and its so exciting to get under the hood.
    Thank you Leon

  42. Anonymous

    Five stars, absolutely. Struts are out of the way and fit perfect with the hood closed. The struts bolt easily to a factory drilled hole on each fender. Two rivets for the upper connection to the bracing on the hood. Clear step by step instructions. See mine at

  43. Blair

    A crucial bit of kit, old boy! I can’t fathom a chap who likes to move about freely in the engine bay not having a set of these beauties.

  44. Stephen S.

    Very impressed with not only the product, but the customer service as well! The hood struts work amazing and when I thought that the postal service lost the package, they were getting ready to ship me a replacement when the original suddenly showed up! These days, that goes a long way to me. Install was a breeze and the included directions are easy to follow and laid out well. Took me about 15mins and the were installed and functioning. I will be a return customer for other projects!

  45. david paris

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It fitted like it belongs with my truck. I love it and so thus my truck. Thank you. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

  46. geoffrey u.

    Great product, easy to install. Super satisfied, thanks guys

  47. Chris Jenkins

    This is an awesome buy for the money. Perfect instructions that anyone can understand also very easy to install!! Highly recommend this product!!

  48. michael flores

    Just installed today everything went perfectly looks like good quality parts instructions were very easy to understand quick and easy install very happy with the end result.

  49. Chris Jenkins

    Awesome product and easy installation!! Great edition to my 4Runner!!

  50. Armando

    I bought two kits… they are awesome! No more having to lift and prop the hood on the bar. Makes working under the hood some much easier as they lift the hood higher than before! I totally recommend this kit to everyone who owns a 3rd generation 4Runner! You’ll be happy you invested your money in this kit!

  51. Rob J.

    This is the mod that you didn’t know you NEEDED until after you installed it. Easy installation, make a world of difference if you are someone who likes to work on your truck.

  52. Anonymous

    a high quality part at an affordable price.

  53. Zach

    Nice, convenient little mod. Helps out with working on the engine a ton.

  54. Kirk Phang

    Great product, very detailed instructions!!

  55. Daniel Szadek

  56. Danilo Yanez

    Excellent product,awesome service.Thanks Leon.

  57. Dennis G.

    Great quality, fast shipping.

  58. tom w.

    Very happy with this purchase, fast shipping, easy install and works well.

  59. Tracy Norton

    rather than pop rivets, I’m using rivnuts from McMaster-Carr, price is right

  60. Curtis H.

  61. Anonymous

  62. Norbert B.

    A bit pricey but good materials.

  63. Mark R.

    Thanks a ton, Leon! These hood struts were an easy install and will make engine bay work easier!

  64. Jordan Z

    I was one of the first to install this kit. It’s been going strong since Fall 2018. One of my very favorite mods. Having the hood reach higher and getting the prop rod out of the way is a huge benefit for working in the engine bay. Clearly designed by a first class engineer 🙂

  65. Kyle J.

    If you have a 3rd gen 4Runner and are thinking about buying hood struts, buy this kit! It has amazing instructions that are well written. Installation was very smooth and I am very pleased with the struts on my 4Runner. This is a fantastic product!

  66. Devan Snider

    Some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

  67. Joshua R

    I got these at the beginning of the week but just installed them today. These hood struts are no joke man, it’s the type of mod you never knew you needed in your life. This was a quick and easy install, only took about half an hour. If you’re reading this, just buy the struts, you won’t be disappointed!

  68. dj horton

    If you have the tools ready to go this mod should take 45 minutes to install TOPS. Love it – the added hood height obviously gets you way more room to work around but allows more light into the engine especially if you’re working in a garage with shop lights. Would buy it again and recommend. Special thanks to Timmy the Toolman and Sean for their recommendation

  69. Logan Heath

    Works very well and installed in about a half hour. Wish I had installed these years ago!

  70. Damel

    Great customer service, fast shipping & awesome prices.

  71. Anonymous

    Love the mod

  72. Francisco P.

    Easy to install . Great mod to help get around the engine bay.

  73. Dokota ward

    Awesome product. Would totally recommend these.

  74. Gary W.

    Awesome products and the directions are absolutely fantastic. I’ve seen product’s that cost thousands of dollars and had terrible directions. Good job folks Nicely done.

  75. Dan Roberts

    I bought a kit a couple years ago before the strut said Spiker… I think the strut itself was just a bit longer. It has been a great mod! I recently had my boat engine cover fall on my arm and it wasn’t pretty so I bought another kit and this time I installed it on the boat engine cover. It is again a wonderful improvement. Thanks! I would send photos but I don’t see a way to do this via the reviews.

  76. Rey Nieves

  77. Erik T.

    This is a great idea! It’s very easy to install if you have the right tools. The kit is complete with good directions. One of the best mods I’ve done to my 4Runner!

  78. Jasmine L.

    Love these! Very thorough instructions and easy install.

  79. William

    Quick delivery, clear instructions. New clip stays integrated with the strut so no chance of losing it. Only wish I had done this a long time ago!

  80. Thomas

    Easy install, high quality pieces, well designed instructions. Overall quite happy with purchase.

  81. Erika

    Fast shipping! Item exactly as described and easy to install. Love it!

  82. Miles

    Why didn’t I do this sooner?! It took me 15 minutes to install on my 99’. You’d be an idiot not to get this.

  83. kimurus2014

    Excellent product, I would recommend this seller.

  84. Sebastian Silva

    Awesome product

  85. sashabp

    Worked perfect!!!

  86. Jeremy

    Top notch products with very helpful and well thought out instructions and great customer service.

  87. marhun61

    Super Great Hood Strut Mod! Everything ya need!

  88. silvanate88

    Finally installed my hood struts. It’s amazing. No worrying about hitting the hood prop anymore. Or getting scrunched in the back of the bay.

  89. tcbaklash

    This is a must-have for your 4Runner. The instructions are very clear and the product itself works great.

  90. kriss047

    Great transaction. Thank you!!!

  91. martiaguirr-66

    Worked as intended

  92. irocdrew

    Fast shipping. Exactly as described. AWESOME product!! Highly recommended!!

  93. idoxlr8_2

    Great seller

  94. uab_engnr

    Great to do business with! Fast shipping.

  95. gs300pnp

    Nice kit assembled, xlnt communication, profess tube packing xlnt instructions

  96. windspeed542

    Seller used good communication, item as advertised

  97. irving379

    Just as described, fast shipping, good quality, I mean super fast shipping!!

  98. osupike99

    Good seller. Fast shipping.

  99. flexator311

    Great product fast shipping

  100. ahtub2

    What a great upgrade to my 3rd Gen 4runner. Thanks again!!!

  101. 35thslp

    AAA+++ Seller, Quick Ship, Item as described, would buy again

  102. Mike

    My hood now opens easily, almost like magic, and stays open, taking little effort to close. Well Done!

  103. adamadam02

    Works great highly recommend this kit

  104. @Rockyt4r

    These things are awesome! So nice to not have the stick anymore as well as having more room and light with the hood raised higher! Highly recommend these to anyone looking to make opening the hood and engine work that much easier! installation was unbelievably easy! – From a super easy to read installation manual (w/pictures!) to being able to use OEM unused nuts in the engine bay it’s great!

  105. 97prelude1000

    Awesome product. Works great. Shipping was super fast

  106. brandrone1

    THANK YOU!!! Exactly what I wanted, Super FAST Shipping! GREAT SELLER!!!! AAA+++

  107. DK327

    Great product! The difference is night and day! Now my other half wants one for her 2011 RAV4 LTD

  108. bensylvester


  109. capturecolorado

    Finally found a nice kit to put gas hood lifts on my truck. Goodbye support rod, hello modern technology. I only wish I could have done this sooner.

  110. Colin

    Top 5 reasons to install the “Spiker Lift” 1. It’s super cool! 2. It’s easy, 45 mins or less to install (add another 30 mins to admire the resulting awesomeness) 3. It’ll make other 3rd gen owners jealous 4. You’re too lazy to use the hood prop 5. You love your 3rd gen and think it will love you back if you buy it nice things…”

  111. 313hsaenz

    Great product high quality. Love it!

  112. Michael

    Finally got around to installing the hood struts on my RHD Hilux Diesel. They are great! Thank you! Nothing had to be moved or modified to install these struts. I think it was the easiest mod I have done!

  113. wagoon_chetr

    Exactly what I wanted. I will purchase again! Thank

  114. Andrew

    I like how much higher the hood sits now

  115. helokid

    AAA plus seller

  116. monstercreech

    As described!

  117. jakedasnake03

    Great price great fitment and instructions for install thank you

  118. bulldog0351

    Fast shipping!

  119. Lamer

    Bought these awesome gas hood struts and I cant say enough good things. the hood lifts right up with no issue!

  120. oliverservices

    Good transaction thanks

  121. John

    Thanks for the hood strut kit! No more stick in my way!

  122. nchacon1984

    Great seller. Will buy again in the future

  123. justnuts805

    Received on time. Installed in 40min. No more dumb old hood prop

  124. visanmate_0

    Thanks! Great product and works great

  125. boilingpoint

    Awesome seller. Item exactly as described. Fast shipping

  126. trilectro

    Quick shipping.

  127. davidm1462

    +A Item as described and shipped quickly

  128. wkdvdub

    Great seller. A+++seller. Sweet kit

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