’16-’23 Tacoma ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit


(269 customer reviews)
  • Our new ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit for 3rd Gen (’16-’23) Tacoma eliminates the prop rod and makes your engine compartment free and clear of obstacles.
  • One-handed hood opening and closing – the struts lift the hood smoothly to its fully open position, and allow it to close and latch securely without slamming.
  • High-Lift capability allows you to increase the open hood height by up to 8 inches above stock prop rod height, for better lighting and access to all your engine projects.
  • Works perfectly with ditch lights or other height limitations – simply choose the desired height during installation, and the hood will open to that position every time.  If you ever want to change the open height, simply relocate the brackets to a new position, no need to buy a different kit.
  • Complete kit with premium OEM-quality components includes two enameled gloss black hood struts, heavy gauge gloss black powder coated brackets, all required installation hardware, and illustrated step-by-step installation instructions.  Even a drill bit stopper is included to make drilling safer.
  • Easy installation in under 30 minutes.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 100% Made in USA.
  • Designed and tested to work with all stock 3rd Gen Tacomas.
    • Note: Manual transmission models with fender-mounted clutch fluid reservoir will require spacers between the inner fender and the clutch reservoir to provide clearance for the struts.  You can make your own spacers, or add our spacer kit to your order.
  • Contact us if you have non-stock additions or alterations under the hood along the inner fenders. We’ve worked with customers to accommodate many unusual situations.

269 reviews for ’16-’23 Tacoma ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit

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  1. Jon

    Quality struts and hardware. I liked the option to position mounting point to raise the hood to desired height. Easy installation with included instructions. Recommended upgrade for 2020 Tacoma hood.

  2. Gary Bell

    In my opinion Spiker has the best Tacoma hood strut kit available. It took this old 74 year old veteran about :45 minutes to install and I’m slow. If you need struts Spiker is the answer.

  3. Risto

    Great quality product! A must mod for your Tacoma. Very good instructions that make the kit straightforward to install. You end up with so much more needed height/clearance/space to work with. Customer Service is equal to product quality. A couple years after installing the struts, I had a clarification question. I reached out to customer service via “contact us” and received an email response immediately. Not only did they answer my question, they also replied with questions/guidance to ensure I was completely satisfied with their response. I totally recommend Spiker!

  4. Anonymous

    These work very well and a great upgrade to the prop rod.

  5. George E.

    Leon, ordering from your company was fast and easy. The Struts were a perfect upgrade on my 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Many thanks.

  6. Anonymous

    Works great no issues, great instructions

  7. Glenn

    The installation was pretty straightforward and the struts work great, I can open my hood with one hand. Would highly recommend to other Tacoma owners.

  8. Aaron R.

    I love the instant hood pop you get when lifting the hood. It’ll scare ya the first fee times but you get so much acces under the hood.

  9. Bryan M.

    Great Product ! Simple install. Ordered Complete Kit with Slave Cylinder Spacers. Practically new Name Brand Rivet gun quit working before the Complete Install. Picked up a two handed Rivet Gun from a Discount tool house. Made finishing the job much easier. This is one of my Favorite Mods so far.

  10. Bryan S.

    Great product and upgrade for my Tacoma. The struts work like a champ!

  11. Martin

    Great product BUT get you a good rivet gun!

  12. Aaron H.

    These hood struts rock. Installation is simple. You won’t regret it.

    Do it!

  13. David J.

    Fantastic product and very easy to install. I should have installed these when I bought the truck.

  14. Simon R.

    Works great, installed in less than I hour.

  15. Ptpinetn

    Clear instructions, straight forward install. Wish I would’ve added them sooner!

  16. Mike Trentham

    Great product. Easy install and works awesome.

  17. Robert B.

    Straight forward and easy to install. A Tacoma’s hood is heavy and these struts make it so much easier to raise, also gives additional clearance. Definitely recommend to others

  18. Anonymous

  19. Ryan Newbern

    Spyker hood strut kit came in yesterday and I got them installed this evening. I set them at 6″ higher than the prop rod and love the extra clearance. I’m 5’7″, truck has 1.5″ lift plus 30.6″ tires and I can reach the top edge of the hood on my tippy toes. I’m a very happy customer. I really like how these are two stage struts and get slow at the top of the stroke.

  20. Brett

    Install was just as described in the instructions and went very smooth. Struts work amazing! Would highly recommend

  21. Darren Drenner

    Love how easy the hood opens now, the install was a little worrisome for me at first. Once I watched the videos and teamed that up with the excellent Spiker installation instructions, it was a breeze! Make sure you have a sharp 3/16 drill bit and a good River gun, it was that easy.

  22. Matt H

    Best purchase! Continuing to add value to an already valuable truck. Wish I would have done it years ago.

  23. Alfred Matthew K.

    Anyone with basic knowledge working with tools can do this installation. Use the easy to follow instructions and you’ll be fine. They work very well. I love having the extra clearance over the stock holder. Great product and made in the USA

  24. Richard W.

    The Install was very clear In the directions. The Install Took About 1 hour By myself. It works as Advertized. Makes the lifting of the hood very easy. A fare price.

  25. John

    Very easy to install, works amazingly. A must have!

  26. Francisco

    Easy to install

  27. Luis

    I used to use a broom stick to prop my hood open. Now I am civilized and have these nice struts to hold em up. Thanks guys!

    No but for real, great set of instructions, simple installation.

  28. William M.

  29. Justin Lane

    Very good concise and easy to follow instructions. Works awesome, such a nice upgrade. Does what Toyota should have done.

  30. Charles S.

    This is a great kit for lifting your heavy Tacoma hood. I had it installed in less than an hour even with waiting for the touch-up paint to dry on the drilled holes.

  31. Jen

    10/10 on instructions. Completed in under an hour. Easy to install for this 23 yr Old female. Had to have my dad do the rivet gun, lol.

  32. Gord H.

    Easy install works as advertised

  33. Nhod K.

    Very happy with this product, pretty easy to install. Lifts the heavy tacoma hood with ease. Fast shipping. Packaged very nicely in a protective tube. Highly recommend.

  34. Michael Rickerd

    Excellent subtle upgrade to the Tacoma. The Spiker kit fit flawlessly and the directions were very well written.

  35. Nicholas V.

    Hood strut kit was easy to follow and works as if it was installed factory. I cannot say enough good about the package.

  36. Alex D.

    Cherrae!! Works great…. Hope the rivets last over time.

  37. Sean

    Super impressed by the quality of the engineering effort on this product, the speed of delivery, and cost. Very solid product all around and great customer service presence in the community.

  38. Robert Allen

    This was an excellent upgrade to this heavy Tacoma hood. The Spiker Engineering hood struts are high quality made right here in the USA. I did my research before my purchase and I would recommend the Spiker Engineering hood strut kit over any of the other brands out there. The kit is solid and easy to install, I watched the video twice and my install was completed in less than an hour.

  39. Daniel

    Great quality. Easy install. Couldn’t be any happier.

  40. Sean Foushee

    A great quality kit with easy to follow instructions. Install took less than an hour and the results were a night and day difference. Easily one of the best modifications I’ve made to my engine bay.

  41. Mike B.

    This was a quick and easy needed add-on and added needed space/clearance while working under the hood. The instructions were clear and concise. I did watch a youtube video to double check since I was drilling into the hood and metal. I used a cargo bar for easy adjustment of the hood while measuring. Only hard part was using my rivet gun….it thinks I have Shaq type hands!

  42. Salomon

    Incredibly easy to install. Makes a world of difference on the hood component.

  43. Trey Allen

    These struts are high quality and Made in the USA. Indeed they are strong enough to lift the heavy steel hood on my 2020 Tacoma. I’ve only had my truck for 6 weeks at this time and the struts have been the best upgrade I’ve done. After watching the installation video once I was able to complete the installation with ease in about an hour. I installed my struts 7 1/2″ above the factory support and I love em. I will definitely recommend the Spiker hood strut kit to anyone.

  44. irvin

    This is great and I dont know why Toyota does not install them on the Tacoma.

  45. Mitchell

    Excellent struts, they are strong and clearly well made!

  46. Jonathan Day

    Spiker Engineering nailed it! Easy install and perfect fit. Now I no longer have to deal with that heavy hood. Plus I now get more clearance and light into the engine bay. I have a 6 speed and the clutch reservoir spacers made it all fit. Made in the USA. I highly recommend you buy this product.

  47. Andrew

    Works great even in cold climates.

  48. Phill T.

    Easy install, had all the items needed. The product is sturdy & works well. I recommend this to anyone!!

  49. Joseph Henderson

    Excellent product! Easy to understand instructions and good quality materials. From ordering to shipment to installation, 100% satisfaction with Spiker Engineering.
    Many Thanks

  50. Anonymous

    Amazing durability and craftsmanship.

  51. Kaylyn

    I’m a beginner when it comes to Tacoma mods so I really appreciated the detailed instructions. My father in law had a pneumatic riveter which made the whole process even easier. I’m very happy with the results!

  52. Darin

    Well-built and well packaged for shipping. Relatively fast shipping to get all the way into Canada. Thanks Spiker!

  53. Ignatius DAnna

    The hood lifts are excellent. Installation was easy. Good instructions. The hood immediately lifts once unlock and stops soft with no jerking. Pulls down with some resistance but not hard. I like the hood lifts and recommend them. No more lifting a heavy hood.

  54. Robert Castro

    The Spiker strut assembly for the 3rd Gen Tacoma is a must needed mod. Easy and simple installation, along with a user friendly installation manual. Be sure to use what’s required and the installation will be smooth and easy.????????

  55. Frank S.

    Very well built. Have not installed yet due to wanting to add ditch lights to determine hood raised height. I didn’t want to drill, but these are a higher quality unit. From looking at the sides, I don’t understand why a no drill option isn’t available. The quality sold me. So I’ve went from not wanting to drill any holes in my new Tacoma, to now adding 12 holes – 6 per unit. From my research, these are the highest quality available.

  56. Dale R.

    Excellent product. Very high quality. Works great. Super customer service.

  57. Robert Castro

    Love these “Ultimate Lift” struts. Makes it easier to lift the heavy hood on my 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad 4X4. Installation was simple and quick, be sure to use the painter’s tape and permanent marker when setting the brackets. And don’t forget your touch up paint for the drilled holes. Thank You SpikerEngineering for the great customer support. I look forward to more products coming from you guys????????

  58. Samuel Kirk H.

    Awesome mod for the heavy hooded Tacoma. Quality product, 100% made in the USA. Hood lifts flawlessly with minimal effort now. Only complaint is make sure you have a rivet gun suitable for 3/16” steel rivets! Broke 2 rivets off prematurely with the wrong gun.

  59. Christopher Kent

    Perfect. Easy install with clear instructions.

  60. Daniel

    Very easy to install and a great, simple addition to the truck!

  61. David L.

  62. Jeff G.

    Love these hood struts – installed them on both of my Tacomas! Spiker team is also excellent – quick shipping, great communication. Thanks Spiker!

  63. Mike B.

    Awesome hood struts. Easy to install, durable & makes getting under the hood quick & easy!

  64. david timberman

    great direction

  65. James S.

    Great product perfect fit excellent quality

  66. Brandt Edwards

    These are a very nice product, easy installation, clear instructions, great warranty.

  67. Austin Cole

    Awesome product, better quality. Was very hesitant with drilling holes into my hood but after reading the detailed instructions I knew it wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Makes a world of difference with the heavy Tacoma hood. Recommend waiting to install until you have ditch lights installed( if going that route), just so you can get the max out of your hood struts.

  68. Rick Devrous

    Great product and easy to install

  69. Steve

    Installation went well. Raised open hood hieght 7″ more than OEM hood support rod. One thing that puzzles me was the 1″ long pop rivets. 1/2″ long pop rivets should be satisfactory to do the job in my opinion.

  70. Paul

    easy install, works flawlessly.

  71. Anonymous

  72. Brian B.

    Awesome. Great struts for easy hood lift and took me maybe an hour to install. Was a little nervous but everything was there and directions were very simple. No longer laugh at the ridiculous weight of my Taco’s hood.

  73. Ryan S.

    Very clear instructions, easy order process. Very happy!

  74. Gary Horton

    Fits great. Tacoma hoods are very heavy but now it lifts itself.

  75. Steve G.

    Nice strut kit. Good instructions with pictures and several online instructional videos. I chose to use a third rivit in each brackets alignment hole for extra strength. I purchased the extra rivets from a hardware store.

  76. Del G.

    Fantastic addition, would recommend

  77. Patrick

    Excellent Quality + easy to follow instructions = Outstanding outcome.

  78. Andrew W.

    Easy install if you follow the instructions. The only thing I would recommend is getting some rust converter to treat the drilled holes. This is what came with a different product I used on a 4Runner and seemed to be a good solution rather than the prime and paint recommended by the instructions. You can’t see the holes so the rust converter should do the trick on the bare metal. One step instead of priming and painting.

    Otherwise, hood struts work great and as intended. I recommend.

  79. Kurt

    Awesome product easy to install, you just need some elbow strength for the rivets

  80. Jesus O.

    Easy to install thanks to the well written and frequently updated instructions! Definitely worth the investment!

  81. serge

    good investment hood open nice and easy saves on my back

  82. Kurt Gillman

    Awesome Product – installed the hood lift strut kit on my 16 Tacoma yesterday and took about 1 hour mainly because i drilled the holes then touched them up and forgot to open them a little more and had to do it again and wait for the touch up paint to dry.
    Does require a bit off hand strength for the rivets and when they are ready to break off, be careful you don’t bang the hood on the upper ones.

  83. Norman Walker

    Hood struts were as advertised, easy to install and gives you more head room under the hood. Thanks to Spiker Engineering for the fast shipping.

  84. Melissa

    Great product and even better customer service. Leon was a huge help and I couldn’t be happier.

  85. Jon B.

    Great product, great customer service, highly recommended. Thank you

  86. philip carbone

    install took me 1 1/2 hours, measure twice, drill once , perfect.
    Set hood 5 inches higher so it wouldn’t hit the garage ceiling.

  87. Aaron P.

    Great product easy to install.

  88. Norberto Asayo

    It is indeed a very nice product, it’s worth it. The hood is quite heavy to lift but once I got my spiker hood strut in place, no more heavy lifting, it’s awesome!!!

  89. Eric

    Installed the Spiker Engineering Hood Struts in the time stated. Instructions were right on, but I will admit that watching the recommended video helped and gave confidence. Excellent looking product and I’m confident in getting years of service from them. Having the hood lift itself with a nudge is great and the extra opening height gives a lot more light for work. This mod is unseen by most people, but one of my faves. Thank you, Spiker, for an excellent product.

  90. Anonymous

    Hi I work at custom truck in Redwood City cal. And I will recommend to costumers

  91. Serge

    this is my 2nd i install im just getting another tacoma so im going to buy another best investment that Ive done

  92. John

    Excellent product, way better than the rod.

  93. Ralph M.

    The finest as advertised

  94. Manolito Guevarra

  95. Stephane Lamontagne

    Awesome product, a must have for any Tacoma. Very good instructions, easy to install.

  96. haratj hakoubyan

    Great product,fast shipping,easy installation, satisfying results ,works perfectly

  97. Chris G.

    Great product, price is good. Very happy with mine. I like how the hood opens up even higher with this struts. Definitely recommend this to my tacoma owners out there. 10?

  98. Clarence Casey

    Struts worked as advertised. Materials are of excellent quality. The struts appear to be the same as OEM equipment on my other vehicles. Instructions are excellent. Video supplied is the same one I watched on youTube which was well done. Won’t be disappointed.

  99. Neil Paul

    These hood lifts are solid and perform just as advertised. Easy installation and very happy to have them.

  100. matthew g.

    Game changer. So much more convenient open hood gives several more inches of clearance. Installation easy. Followed a youtube install video. Went fast. You need a rivet gun but those are less than $20 on amazon.

  101. Mark

  102. Timothy N

    Seems to work very well. I have not used them much but has solved my problem. A real test of time will be the best answer.

  103. Frank

    Neatly packed. Simple instructions easy to understand. Easy install. Very pleased.

  104. Feliz Dao

  105. Ernesto N.

    It was easy to install, I didn’t even read the instructions that came with the product. Had watched the installation process thru YouTube. I am surprised Toyota didn’t include the hood strut kit on the Tacoma’s considering the heavy weight of the hood. Thanks Spiker engineering! Would definitely recommend the product!

  106. James F.

    Very happy! Quality, and service, were above the rest! Installation was a breeze!


    The accompanying directions were very well written and they will be very easy for a person with minimal mechanical skills to follow. Outstanding product and I am extremely happy with these hood struts.

  108. Elmer M.

    Easy to install. Good quality.

  109. Andrew M.

    Im extremely happy with my new hood struts! As an auto technician myself, I know the guys at the dealership service facilities will appreciate them also. The install does require patience and a steady hand, but is definitely do-able by any seasoned DIY’er. Once done, the pride in the job has me popping the hood just to smile and nod my head with approval!

  110. Chris H.

    Awesome!!! Hands down easy to install

  111. Malcolm

    Good product. Would recommend if you open your hood regularly.

  112. Shannon S.

    Purchased the Spiker struts after watching a review. Instructions were clear and the install was straightforward and simple. Most difficult part was installing the rivets and making sure that they are flush.

    Raising the hood is smooth and takes no effort.

    These struts have only been installed a couple of weeks at this point so I am unable to comment about long term durability. That being said, I am impressed with the initial quality and have no reason to doubt that they would last the life of the truck.

  113. Stephen

    I like to use local companies whenever possible. This item fit the bill. Product feels very sturdy, well thought out design. Easy installation, the provided drill stop takes the worrying out of the process. Take your time, it will come out looking oem.

  114. Adam K.

    This is one of my best purchase to date. 2020 Tacoma hood weigh million pounds, especially when you have to air-up after long day on off-roads and trails. By installing Spiker Hood Kit, it made it so easy and convenient. Highly recommend to all Taco owners.

  115. Cal

    The few (8) pop rivets are only the time it takes to drill the holes and pull the handles. The brackets fit and the layout was well illustrated in the supplied directions. Nothing critical!

    Tip: Drill a # 30 hole first at the center of each #10 hole drilled for the rivets. but Make sure the punch mark is on location before you drill any hole!! USE THE DRILL STOP!

    I pulled the rivets “wet” with sealant. Paint works too.
    Keeps any rusting at bay, and helps the rivets stay tight.

    I could see the hood metal flex when the hood was exercised, but if I recall, Steel has a near infinite flex cycle rating… 😉

    All is good, and I do enjoy the hood lifting with a fingertip!

    Note: I’m a former A&P mechanic and have all the tools and lots of sheet metal experience. I used Cleco temporary sheet joint fasteners to aid the installation.

  116. Stephen Varnedore

    I’m very happy that I bought the hood struts for my 2021 Tacoma. I am a truck driver and I have not had a chance to install them yet. My wife drives our Tacoma, and with the heavy hood, she doesn’t want to strain herself. We are in our mid 60’s. I should invest in windshield wiper fluid. My wife believes in that stuff. Can hardly wait to get them installed.

  117. Bart

    Works as advertised, about 45 minutes to install.

  118. Mark R.

    Excellent product. Everything went together as instructions said it would. Straightforward Shipping was little tricky sending to Canada. US post reuses shipping numbers so was little confusing.
    Real happy with Leon for making my ordering easy and answering all my questions. ?

  119. daniel bickert

    These struts are unbelievable. They are better than you can imagine. Do yourself a favor and get them.

  120. Ryan

    Better than OEM struts

  121. Chad W.

    The spiker hood struts are easy to install. They are well worth the price. Wonderful accessory if you like working on your own truck!

  122. Todd

    Easy to install. Works as advertised. So far, so good.

  123. Rodney K.

    Great product. Fits perfect and works great. The instructions were clear and concise. Fast shipping also. This is how the hood should work. I really liked the idea of being able to set the hood hight where you want it up to 8″ above where the brace used to hold the hood

  124. Glen C.

    I’d read the installation was easy, and it was still easier than expected. Got a cheap rivet gun at HF and popped my first rivets ever! Now I lift my hood by nudging it with a finger.

  125. Steven

    These hood struts are great solution for heavy tacoma hood. Instructions for install were very good and made it a quick install. Great Product Thanks, Steven

  126. Doug

    Follow instructions for an easy install. Struts fit and operate excellent. The package was damaged during shipping and the hardware was missing. Leon responded to my email within a couple hours- a couple days later I received replacement hardware at no charge. Excellent service. Would buy again.

  127. Bruce C.

    Easy installation of a great product.

  128. Gordon

    Perfect for my 2020 Tacoma. Easy, 45 minute, installation with the provided instructions.

  129. James U.

    I’ve been installing various aftermarket parts on vehicles for decades, and this hood strut kit is exactly how all aftermarket kits should be. From the ease of ordering online, to the detailed instructions, every aspect of the product has been well thought out.

  130. Marc K.

    Great product, It installed really easy and my hood opens like a dream…. Thanks

  131. Anonymous

    Great product well made. Works perfectly. To anyone buying this kit do yourself a favour and get a quality pop riveter.

  132. Pondering-Yota Steve

    Outstanding quality & easy installation. Took me (65 year old guy) right at an hour to install. One caution I would offer. When determining how high or tall you want your hood, keep in mind the need to close. I’m on the shorter side and with my Tacoma lifted 2”, raising the hood 6” above the OEM position, I have to stretch to take hold of the hood to close. It works for me but be warned. The struts are strong and sturdy. One of the best add ones thus far for convenience and ease of operation.

  133. Eric

    Easy step by step direction with clear illustrations. Took longer the wait for touch up paint to dry then actual installation. Really pleased with product and love not having to mess with heavy hood.

  134. claude s.

    Best upgrade I’ve done and American made

  135. X13BRAVO

    BADASS!!!!! Buy’em,follow instructions,done.
    Best $95 bucks I’ve ever spent.

  136. Anonymous

    Excellent product! The install is straightforward. It is really great to not have to use the hood prop — the struts are perfect and make access to the engine compartment much easier. Highly recommend the Spiker Hood Struts.

  137. Anonymous

    Perfect fit and function! Easy to install.

  138. Noel Verano


  139. Greg

    Excellent product. Easy to install.

  140. Anthony C.

    Awesome product from Spiker Engineering. The install instructions were straightforward, complete and accurate, and easy to follow. The product is top notch quality and there was zero hesitation to install it on my brand new 2021 Tacoma. Bonus that my hood now lifts up 6 inches higher as well, while still maintaining my ditch lights clearance from the windshield. Would absolutely recommend this product!

  141. alan kupferschmidt

    I like them very much , and they went on with no trouble. sell them to toyota.

  142. Donald F.

    easy instal. work great no problem getting hood up now & no kick-stand to work around

  143. Brad K.

    The kit is high quality and the engineering behind it is great. Installed on my 2021 Tacoma. Installation was faster than expected… although I compressed the 3/16 steel rivets the “easy” way using a pneumatic rivet gun. I used a #10 twist drill, which I also recommend. I set the hood to open 6″ higher than stock, which I really like… the difference in working room under the hood is amazing. One tip for the rivets: no matter how careful you are, some of the black paint on the rivet head will scuff off.  A few dots of flat black touch up paint works great to cover that up. I would recommend this kit to everyone that owns a Tacoma!

  144. Sharyn K.

    Great product, easy install. It’s awesome.

  145. Frank

    Best mod to my 2016 Taco.

  146. JOSEPH W.


  147. Edward H.

    This things are well worth it. Really like that you can raise the hood higher than the stock hood prop. Also, I can open the hood with one hand now. Love that these things are made in the USA. The struts do not hit anything in the engine bay when you close it. Just rivet them in as per the instructions and call it a day. I followed Taco Twanz YouTube video install and it was easy. One of the best mods that I have done.

  148. John Murphy

    Install went very well. Fun one hour project that adds a lot of value. First time time using a rivet tool ($10 at Harbor Freight).

  149. Scott Evans

    These are well engineered, quality parts and well worth the money. Oh! The struts really help with lifting the hood. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  150. Christopher

    The install process was easy and painless and took about 45 minutes. You can tell that this is a quality product, and now I don’t have to fuss when opening that heavy hood!

  151. kenneth K.

    They appear to be very well-made, found out about them on Tacomaworld.com
    I raised mine about 5 1/4 inches above stock. Larger diameter struts compared to other ones I have seen, and I prefer the way these mount, unless no interference from the inside of my relays I installed.

  152. Peter H.

    Very fast shipping and awesome product for my 2021 Tacoma. Watched video and completed installation. Hardest part was using the rivet tool. Result after was complete satisfaction. Opening hood now can be done with one hand. Definitely recommend this mod if you’re a DIYer.

  153. Darcy G.

    Saw these shown by other users on TacomaWorld, simple installation, makes lifting the hood simple. Couldn’t be happier!

  154. Kathryn Gabriel

    This high quality kit comes with everything needed to make your heavy hood weightless. Instructions are very good with lots of color pictures. Support is fast and friendly. Leon is awesome!

  155. Juan Ruiz

    Great service and fast shipping,

  156. Emily D.

    I bought ultimate hood struts for my Tacoma, and they are an excellent product. The struts themselves seem very durable, and the extra light I get under the hood is a game changer. Installation was a breeze, and the customer service couldn’t have been better. I sent an email about a question and had a response almost immediately. This company stands out among the rest. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

  157. William R.

    The package was well done, all of it. Good directions, good product (with an extra blind rivet, thank you). I’m pleased.

  158. Larry Van Daele

    Package arrived in great shape yesterday. We had a break between snow storms so I was able to install them this afternoon. Thanks to excellent instructions and tips from YouTube, they went on easy (even at doing it outside at 20F). Only challenge was finishing up the pop rivets on the bottom (really had to work to squeeze that final bit to get them to pop). I used a silver Sharpie instead of a black one on painter’s tape to mark the holes. Hood now literally leaps up after an initial lift of a few inches, then slows down as it reaches its apex. Lowering is easy and smooth.

    Thanks again for making this great product (in the USA!) and providing such good customer service and instructions.


  159. Larenzo Y.

    Very clean looking and easy to install just installed on my 2021 tacoma. Totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for extra lift on there hood

  160. Jerry K.

    Great product. Best Buy ever! Thanks

  161. Darrell S.

    It’s was Avery easy install, and it made a ton of difference! It was really nice to be able to lift the hood and let it go up by itself!

  162. Kristian Rose

    Excellent product and better yet outstanding customer service. If I could give 10 stars I would!!!

  163. Gabriel Medeiros

    One of the Best upgrade I have made to my Toyota Tacoma. Easy to install and no more lifting of heavy hood anymore. Thanks Great product.

  164. Jamie P.

    awesome kit! easy to install and works great. These lift about 8″ higher than most of the others on the market

  165. Glenn

    I work on taco’s everyday and have installed a few different kits on customers trucks. This system is the strongest setup I’ve seen. I went 4 inches higher than prop rod . And customer service is unmatched, thanks Leon ??

  166. Josh

    Good quality, great hardware, easy to follow directions. Now i can get some ambient light under the hood since it raises higher.

  167. Andy W.

    This product works great. My hood opens with ease now!

  168. Anonymous

    Love it! Very clear instructions, not too hard to install. I recently installed an air compressor under the hood so this mod made so much sense both for ease of lifting the hood and for safety. Recommended.

  169. Ronnie

    Good product. Easy install.

  170. Anonymous

    Thank for a great product, install was easy and makes opening of these seems to be way heavy hoods a dream!

  171. Rich P.

    Very nice product, easy install.

  172. James

    Followed the instructions & video, went in with out a hitch. Works like a charm. Thanks

  173. Kenneth


  174. Noel Sinclair

    Excellent customer service from Leon. Well written instructions supported by easy to follow video step-by-step instructions. Easy installation. Very satisfying results. Highly recommended.

  175. stephen lazarecki

  176. Mike Holbert

    High quality kit with great warranty. Also great customer service. My order was scheduled to ship within minutes of me ordering and it arrived very well packaged earlier then expected. I highly recommend Spiker engineering .

  177. David Nickle

    Outstanding product, but even better than that is their customer service, USPS is in the toilet and still haven’t received the original order. Called Spiker to see if they could possibly do something from their end. Leon explained the problem that they are having with the usps system and sent me out another order via ups at no charge to me. Got it in 3 days. Amazing. Thank you Leon.

  178. Dennis Shenkenberg

    Excellent company!!! Great product with a 5 year warranty. Customer service is by far the best I’ve dealt with in a long long time. You won’t be disappointed.

  179. Martin Alvarez

    Struts look great and work just as advertised …lots of compliments …install was just as described in instructions ….which was right on….highly recommend and Leon is very customer friendly..

  180. David G.

    So far so good! Love the extra lift height, excited to get to the engine mods now that I do not have a lift rod in the way! Highly recommended!

  181. Allen D.

    Easy install and works perfect.

  182. JEFF H.

  183. Ben S.

    Best purchase I’ve made for the Tacoma. Easy installation and a great product overall. Very well designed!

  184. Anonymous

    Fit perfect. Thank you

  185. Michael Cecil

  186. Greg R.

    Installed my hood strut kit using the Spiker video and color instructions. Easy install, very happy with the use. I installed mine at 5.5″ for a little leeway.

  187. David C.

    Easy install with good directions. Better performance than I had expected. Very fast shipping. Thanks

  188. Tony C.

    Great product!

  189. marcelo

    After researching and comparing Spiker with other brands, it was an easy choice to make. Beefier shocks. One thing I’d recommend in the instructions: for the hood hardware, maybe have a point of reference and have difference measurements depending on how high one wants the hood to open. Having that # measurement would make it easier to install both sides to the same exact length.

  190. Anonymous

    Best Money Spent!! Didn’t take an hour to install. No more propping the hood up or slamming the hood down. Lifts up with a finger and closes with light pressure.

  191. Marcelo M.

    Good quality and excellent service

  192. Les P.

    One of the best upgrades I did on my truck. Toyota should be installing these as a dealer item. Install took about an hour for no reason except I took my time. Highly recommend this product.

  193. Jeffrey B.

    Great directions included, simple straightforward install, works great, good fast communication. USPS shipping leaves a lot to be desired these days, but that’s not on Spiker.

  194. Derek

    Amazing quality

  195. Steve Taylor

    1st I cannot understand why Toyota made the hood so freaking heavy! I have a 3rd gen Tacoma and I would seldom check under the hood. 2nd thanks to Spiker for solving this issue, easy clean installation, works awesome. Thank you Spiker

  196. Anonymous

    Great product/kit. Straight forward install on Tacoma. Highly recommended!

  197. Edward

    Awesome retrofit for my ’20 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road. Spiker e-mailed me as the kit left their facility and the parcel arrived within days. The video on Spiker’s website was is an accurate depiction of the installation experience and my personal installation experience mirrored that of the video. Installation took me about an hour plus (but I took my time.) The hood literally responds to the lift pressure of a single finger. I couldn’t be happier!

  198. Anonymous

    Easy install, took about 1 hour because I painted every drilled hole and let it dry for 10 mins. Detailed instructions. Thanks

  199. Jim L.

    USA! This product is well thought out. The brackets, fasteners and struts supplied fit like they came form the Manufacture. This kit couldn’t be easier to install and comes with instructions that are clearly written in English.
    You will NEVER regret this mod!

  200. Mario M.

    Installed on my 2020 Tacoma TRD off road. Easy install following the instructions. Hood now opens easily.

  201. Anonymous

    Timely shipping, easy install, great product

  202. Edward D.

    Great product. Fantastic install. Should come like this from factory.

  203. shawn kurtz

    Amazing product, excellent quality and easy to install.

  204. David Kurtz

  205. William

    Installation was easy and the instructions were clear. Compared to other kits available, they provided a simple drill stop which shows extra thought and care about the product and what its being installed into. One note: they recommend using an extendable prop for the hood which is great but I didn’t have one and I’m cheap so I found that if you’re installing inside a garage you can park directly underneath and attach a tie down strap to the door motor mount on the ceiling and use the ratcheting side to hook onto the hood latch and raise the hood to the desired height. The hood is heavy enough to where you won’t push it out of position while drilling. Excellent product and definitely worth while.

  206. Steven

    Great product! Easy, straightforward install process. Written directions were spot-on. I really like the tubing drill depth stop included with the kit. Great idea, which I am sure have saved countless hoods from drill dimples…

    Lifting the hood now is easy-peazy! Toyota should have installed struts from the factory. But when they cheese out and cut a few sheckles from the build budget, that leaves the door wide open for companies like Spiker to fill a need.

    I had struts from ‘that other company’ on my last Tacoma. I wanted to try the Spiker struts this time around. No regrets. You should have no reservations about pulling the trigger if you want a quality set of hood struts on your truck (or car)!

  207. Vanna

    Great product, works as described. Easy to install with the help of a buddy. Leon addressed my concerns accordingly, would highly recommend the hood struts to anyone!

  208. Brian G.

    Great product! Very high quality and super easy installation. Wish I would have purchased sooner. These are what all Tacomas should have came with from the factory. Though Toyota would have charged $300+ for the dealer installed option, pretty sure.

  209. Chris Ayou

    The hood struts are great!! And they were easy to install.

  210. doron dreksler

    great product, good documentation and excellent performance

  211. Anonymous

    Great product. Easy install. Great instructions. I did have to modify the housing on my cold air intake. Quick job with sheet metal snips.

  212. Richard

    Easy to installing, help relief the weight of the hood

  213. B. Goff

    Easy follow directions, easy install. These hood struts seem like they’re heavy duty. Prop rod free for my Taco from now on!

  214. James Rial

    Awesome product.

  215. Anonymous

    Awesome product easy install couldn’t be happier thanks again.

    Steve P

  216. William Bash

    this saves foreheads

  217. Christopher Bradford

  218. James C.

  219. Troy Mesa

    Makes opening the hood much easier, especially if you have some disability. The hood is pretty heavy and the stance of the truck to start with is pretty tall compared to the previous trucks I owned. Great investment.

  220. Matthew T.

    Fast shipping. Instructions easy to follow and a top notch product all around!

  221. Shane

    First modification I did to my 2020 Tacoma. I found the hood to be very heavy and I wanted hood struts that Toyota should have installed.

    After checking reviews I decided to go with Spiker Engineering. I am very happy with the system they provide. The instructions were complete, easy to follow and actually made me less regretful to drill into the sheet metal.

    Thanks again Spiker Engineering.

  222. tim

    Received as described. Was packed securely. Included all necessary items for installation, except tools you need of course. Installation took about 90 minutes because I measured three times and drilled once. Used a splat of primer on every hole. much easier to punch 1st hole with strut attached then remove strut and punch 2nd hole else 2nd rivet goes in slightly at an angle (oops). When completed they worked GREAT and I’m very happy I did this.

  223. Anonymous

    Love this product! Very easy install, works perfectly and looks like a factory installed product. Brackets are built well and the kit is well engineered. Nice job Spiker!

  224. Gary U.

    After watching the video of the spider struts I returned the redline hood struts which by the way was $50 more. These spiker struts lifts the hood 6” higher than the other brand. Easy to install an just love the way it lifts the hood. Perfect!!!!

  225. Neil W.

    Easy install , Great Product , Love My Struts!

  226. Clint K.

    Awesome customer service and awesome product compared to the other ones available. Go buy some!! 🙂

  227. John

    A tad expensive, but well worth the cost.

    Quality parts, excellent written instructions, and work better than expected.

    I did the 6” extended lift, and now, once the struts start lifting, I have to hold downward pressure on the hood to keep it from rocketing upward.

  228. Shane M.

    Perfect mod for any Tacoma. Easy install and fast shipping. Spiker Engineering ??

  229. Kim H.

    Installed on 2020 Toyota Tacoma offroad and was easy to install.

  230. Anonymous

    Great fit and great product. Works exactly as designed and very well made. Definitely very happy with this product!

  231. Norkis S.

    It’s a very quality & sturdy product, I was very satisfied with my hood strut in my 2019 Tacoma, I can now lift my hood with one finger.

  232. Alexis

    Great Quality Great Price

  233. Christopher

    A piece that should have came stock in a $39K truck but thank you Spiker engineering for this great product!

  234. JOHN

    Easy install,clear directions,does exactly what was stated and just what I expected!???

  235. Albert

    Works as advertised. High quality shocks. Very pleased

  236. Anonymous

    Product is great. If there is any problems it’s probably the person installing it doing something wrong. Directions are very clear

  237. Charles

  238. Edgar C.

    Great quality and super fast shipping.

  239. Jason M.

    Fast shipping great customer service great product

  240. Darren M.

    Great product! The instructions are easy to read and go by. The quality of the picture are great So if you need more help then the instructions give you the pictures give you the answer! Would totally get this again!

  241. Victor

    Awesome product I love it one finger lifts the whole thing up way up , thank you.

  242. Bill M.

    Great product. Thanks guys.

  243. Tom L.

    Spiker Engineering hit this one out of the park. Thanks much.

  244. Kyle B.

    Great upgrade!

  245. Ed A.

    Package arrived on time as promised. Love these hood struts. Was fairly easy to install, instructions were easy to follow. Now the hood goes up on its own. Great mod to my Tacoma. Great product!

  246. Raymond Tanner

    Fast delivery, easy instructions to follow,take your time and it will come out like it came from the factory. For me it was faster ,I was in military as welder,truck driver,and infantry and also a michanic. This will help me alot, I have had a shoulder replacement and it is hard for me to open and lift hood, so installing this helps out so much.
    I recommend this for any one.

    Your friendly
    (RET) SSG
    Raymond E Tanner

  247. Philip G.

    Easy install and super useful, I wish I did this as my first mod!

  248. Brooks T.

    Install instructions were spot on. Everything works perfectly. I chose to set mine up at 3” higher than stock. One of my favorite mods. Would recommend 10/10.

  249. Alex

    amazing! easy to install and no clearance issues with the cbi arb compressor mount!

  250. oscar b.

    Awesome !!! would buy again anytime, easy to install. super easy.

  251. Dominic

    After my accident, opening the hood was daunting because of its weight. I went out and bought a Milwaukee cordless rivet Gun to assist the install. This is one of my top mods to date. Solid product. The only critique I have is that I wish the Spiker Emblems faced out, for vanity reasons. 🙂

  252. BCfiremedic

    Finally installed mine today! The first hole you drill into the hood is a little daunting, but after that it’s all pretty easy. Instructions were pretty good, looks nice, and works great!

  253. Grindstone

    I installed my Spiker’s last week, too. I set mine for about 6″ lift. I love these struts. Opening the hood is too easy now. Funny part is, my wife can’t close it without going to the side because of how high it is.

  254. Devious6

    Mine are in – great product, easy to follow directions. Set at 5.5″ above the standard hood brace. I love them!!

  255. FRESH OJ

    Thanks! Great product.

  256. crashdb

    It was easy peasy. The additional height is amazing. So freaking happy with it. I had to do some tinkering up by the master cylinder and for once I didn’t have to remove the struts so I could get more height out of the hood. My ditch lights don’t cause a problem.

  257. Brad

    Great product that should be standard. Definitely more room to work under the hood. Thanks Spiker Engineering.

  258. Jarhed86

    Finally installed today and it makes a world of difference. Thanks SpikerEng for offering something that the factory should have.

  259. Profounddiver

    Finally put in my spiker hood strut kit. It was pretty easy just ran into a little problem with my KN cold air kit getting the way of the strut. I had to use my trusty dremel to cut a corner out in order to make clearance for the strut. Really does make a difference on clearance height of the hood, and it practically wants to open by itself.

  260. monkman

    The instructions are clear and everything went smoothly. I increased my height by 5″ and i’m extremely happy. Excellent product with easy install. Great job, Spiker.

  261. William

    Well worth the money! Easy installation, just follow the provided instructions.

  262. Scott N.

    Awesome package. Takes very minimal effort to open the hood. Struts are out of the way even when accessing the engine bay from the side. Would recommend

  263. Burritoma

    Got mine installed over the weekend.THESE THINGS ROCK! Totally worth it.

  264. skidooboy

    easy install, take your time, use some common sense. work flawlessly, great update. thanks spiker!

  265. Joseph D.

    Sturdy and well built. Waiting for better weather to install.

  266. Ryan

    Great packaging, nice quality, easy installation and they work great! I didn’t think I would be so happy to have these struts but it makes a big difference having the hood raise without assistance and also the extra headroom.

  267. rdpoe

    Got my Spiker high lift good struts yesterday and installed them today. The installation couldn’t have been easier and the quality/packaging of components impressed me. I didn’t think I would be so happy to have more room and the convenience of a strut lifter good but is fantastic. I’m very happy I bought these.

  268. cjmartin

    My Spiker Engineering hood struts came this morning and I got them installed. Pretty easy and very happy with both how they look and work.

  269. Naoki Oishi

    High quality kit, this is really how the trucks should come from the factory. The “high lift” makes access into the engine bay much easier. It’s also brighter and easier to see inside the engine bay. Very clean OEM look and easy to open/close. The kit is a must-have for a DIY owner, Im glad I have it every time I open the hood. The kit is easy to install if you follow the instructions in the kit!

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