’01-’04 Tacoma ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit


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  • Our new ULTIMATE Lift High Lift Hood Strut Kit for late 1st Gen (’01-’04) Tacomas eliminates the prop rod and makes your engine compartment free and clear of obstacles.
  • One-handed hood opening and closing – the struts lift the hood smoothly to its fully open position, and allow it to close and latch securely without slamming.
  • High-Lift capability allows you to increase the open hood height by up to 8 inches above the stock prop rod height, for better lighting and access to all your engine projects. Choose the desired height during installation, and the hood will open to that position every time.
  • Complete kit with premium OEM-quality components includes two enameled gloss black high-lift hood struts, heavy gauge gloss black powder coated brackets, all required installation hardware, and illustrated step-by-step installation instructions.  Even a drill bit stopper is included to make drilling safer.
  • Easy installation in under 30 minutes.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 100% Made in USA.
  • Designed and tested to work with all stock late 1st Gen (’01-’04) Tacomas.
  • Contact us if you have non-stock additions or alterations under the hood along the inner fenders. We’ve worked with customers to accommodate many unusual situations.

34 reviews for ’01-’04 Tacoma ULTIMATE Lift Hood Strut Kit

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  1. Jack Y.

    Awesome hood strut kit. Love it. Easy to install. Would recommend it to anyone looking for hood strut. No more heavy lifting hood.

  2. Ben Valles

    Awasome product, just a little bit cumbersome the install

  3. Raymundo C.

    Awsome product

  4. james g.

    I am an office worker and installed the hood struts with no problem, they work great!

  5. David Heath

    I purchased these hood struts based only from reading the reviews on Tacoma World. I’m waiting on cooler weather before I install them. I will say that they are very well made, and heavy duty. Not having to use the hood support “Rod” is going to be sweet. Really looking forward to having these when I work on my truck. They’re a bit pricey compared to cheaper products, but I think their worth the extra cost. Buy them I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  6. Patrick Pettit

    Pretty Easy to install

  7. Gary W.

    I am perfectly satisfied with this hood lift kit. The customer service on my order was over the top, as the first set of struts I received did not work as described, and I was sent a replacement as soon as I let them know. I would not hesitate to buy from Spiker Engineering in the future.


    This are the best hood strut on the market. Awesome product.
    Best of all made in the USA.

  9. Bill Kilduff

    Easy install. Make sure you watch the Timmy the Tool Man video on YouTube. When I thought I had lost a part customer service responded quickly!

  10. Terrance L.

    There great easy to install and work well. Would recommend them.

  11. Victoria Burton

    Great product! Installs and works as promised on a first gen 2002 Tacoma with Ditch Lights. I gained 4.5″ of additional height above the pole height. Ditch lights measure 3.5″H x 3.5″W x 3.25″D. Install hint: Drill first hole on fender bracket and rivet it in place. Then drill the next hole and river it and so on. Otherwise the holes are likely not going to fit properly. Once in place, brackets are very strong! I can’t stop opening the hood to marvel how cool it is!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Dennis J.

    Great product

  14. James K.

    This was a purchase that I was glad I made, everything was great. The products themselves were very good quality, the instructions were easy to follow and very well detailed. If you’re thinking about purchasing I highly recommend, just pull the trigger on them and you will be very satisfied.

  15. ANDREW C.

    Game Changer, Solid Product

  16. Christopher Wagner

    Amazing product! Toyota should’ve done this from factory but thanks to Spiker engineering there’s no need.

  17. Luke Swenson

    Reasonably priced and shipped quickly. Good instructions and easy to install . Great company and great value .

  18. Christopher Wagner

    Don’t know why I waited so long! Awesome product, perfect fit & no more need for the prop rod! It’s how the Tacoma’s of every gen should’ve come factory ?

  19. Joel

    So convenient and cool, if you love your Taco, you have to get these kit!

  20. Pablo Z.

    Top notch product

  21. Jarrett

    Installed it yesterday in just over 30 min. I wish I had better drill bits but they got the job done. It was a bit tricky getting a straight angle on the body mount. It’s so nice just leaving the hood up without a prop. So glad I finally got these hood struts and already got my cousin to order a set for his 01 4runner

  22. Anonymous

    These were very easy to instal, and I cant say how much nicer these are than the stock configuration. If you take your rig off-road and use an air compressor, you should have these. I’ve had my hood come down in heavy winds and chop my air hose in half, it wont happen with this product. Plus if there is an engine fire they will pop the hood up vs you trying to open the hood and spray things down with an extinguisher. Well worth it!

  23. Uphillshunter

    The hood struts are great… easy to install… absolutely no problems.

  24. Ron

    Awesome product, I would recommend

  25. eon_blue

    very cool little mod if I do say so myself. Opens the hood another ~6inches higher and it practically opens itself when you pop the latch, just have to give it a little boost with your fingers and up it goes.

  26. Rich

    Well designed and easy to install! Perfect addition.

  27. Barry

  28. wookrizan503

    Great seller, thank you!!!

  29. Andrew Coyne

    This kit from Spiker Engineering is exactly what I wanted it to be. Works amazing, incredibly simple to install, fair priced and the finish looks so good. The components are all really well made which should provide years of trouble free performance.
    My other vehicle is a Ford F-250. It has a similar hood lift. I had to do a big under hood project and loved that there was no prop in the way. I started looking for something similar for my Tacoma and found the Spiker kits had great reviews. I’m so glad I went with the Spiker Engineering kit for my Tacoma.

  30. 18eudora

    Fast and easy, thanks.

  31. Ethan Pate

    Great product and really easy to install. It lines up perfectly to the body. Took me about 15 minutes to install. And the lift and height and getting that prop rod out of the way makes it simple to work in the engine bay. Great work.

  32. dynamos01

    I love the set up. I have more space to work around the engine. The hood kit make it easy. I ll do my timing belt kit in 2 weeks and having that set up is a plus.

  33. TheToyotaNut

    Super kit, thank you!

  34. 552jrider

    Install was super simple and the instructions were great

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